About Us


Why Us? 

We believe that creativity and big ideas are key in executing a compelling piece of design. To do this, we get to grips with the brand and define a clear vision for the project, explore the visual and verbal ideas; which ultimately manifest into an effective piece of design or illustration. We approach all jobs with the same mantra, to turn a complicated problem into a simple solution.

We talk in Black and White, but think in colour.

We are two brand consultants who met over 6 years ago and we have been collaborating since. We design across many sectors and enjoy the challenge; everything from brands to books, illustrations to identities, promotions to packaging. Combined, we have over 13 years experience working in these disciplines. A key aspect to our experience has been working with global brands, household names and energetic start up companies. These sectors include telecommunications, personal care, food and drink, alcohol and cigarettes, healthcare, charity and fashion work.